To view the schedule for library tables, library computers, or computer LAB CLICK HERE. Use the tabs at the bottom of the calendar to see the schedule for different weeks.

  • Email Dianne at borchertd the dates/times you’d like that are available and indicate which time block. (If it’s period 3/4, please indicate which lunch you have)
  • Remember to specify in your email whether you’d like tables, computers, or the lab. You may reserve 1 block of each per period.

If you are interested in library orientation for 9th graders, book talks, or research mini lessons check to see that the tables are available the date and time block you want to come in and then email Dianne to set up the type of talk you would like for your class.

To reserve the library’s laptop cart: Sign up at the bottom of the calendar. Then come pick up the cart from the library on your scheduled day and to bring it back at the end of the day!